Driving more drug through the skin

Futura has developed a highly efficient and proprietary delivery technology, DermaSys®, which delivers more active through the skin. DermaSys® is a versatile and bespoke technology in that it can be tailored to suit the specific active compound being used and the therapeutic indication. For example in pain relief this translates into a deeper and longer duration of pain relief. For our erectile dysfunction treatment this translates into a rapid onset of action.

Advanced transdermal technology for targeted delivery

Such targeted delivery offers an optimised profile in terms of dose, onset time, efficacy and duration of effect, as well as an improved safety profile as a result of a lower systemic uptake.

Futura's pain relief portfolio utilises the DermaSys® technology and we continue to evaluate its further use with a range of compounds and in a range of indications.

DermaSys® AquaFree

In addition to DermaSys®, Futura's delivery technology platform, we have also developed a new and unique transdermal delivery system which does not contain any water, DermaSys® AquaFree.

DermaSys® AquaFree enables drugs which are water sensitive (hydrolytically unstable or have only limited hydrolytic stability) to be developed into potentially commercially attractive products with the additional benefit of rapid transdermal delivery. The technology can also be used for drugs that interact with alcohols and glycols.