SPR300 is a topical gel combining methyl salicylate and menthol with the DermaSys® delivery system.

SPR300 has been shown to achieve in excess of four times higher penetration through isolated human skin compared with the UK's best-selling topically applied methyl salicylate/menthol-based topical pain relief product, Deep Heat®.

In addition SPR300 was directly compared with the best-selling over-the-counter topically applied gels sold in the USA, Icy Hot® and Bengay®, and showed similarly improved permeation rates. It should be noted that the USA differs from Europe in that no NSAIDs are licensed as over-the-counter topically applied pain relief products.

Protecting our IP

Futura has both granted patents and a number of further patent applications in relation to its DermaSys® technologies providing protection to at least 2028.