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What does Futura Medical plc do?

Futura's innovation strategy applies advanced science to develop products with compelling commercial potential using its advanced proprietary transdermal technology known as DermaSys®.

Which FTSE sector is Futura Medical plc in?

Futura Medical is listed on AIM in the Pharmaceuticals sub-sector.

Who is on the Futura Medical Board of Directors?

When does Futura Medical report its financial results?

Futura Medical's financial year end is 31 December. It normally reports preliminary (full-year) results in March and interim (half-year) in September.

How can I obtain a copy of Futura Medical's Annual Report?

You can download the most recent annual reports from our website, on the Annual & Interim Reports page.

How many Futura Medical shares are in issue?

Please see our Shareholder Information page

What is the availability of Inheritance Tax Business Property Relief on Futura Medical shares?

Futura Medical plc has received advice from BDO LLP which indicates that the Company's shares should be qualifying shares for the purposes of inheritance tax business property relief. However, shareholders should take their own taxation advice in relation to their specific circumstances and the Company's most up to date position.

When is the Futura Medical Annual General Meeting?

The AGM usually takes place in May each year.

If I can't attend the AGM can I appoint a proxy?

If you cannot attend, you can still express your views on the matters for consideration at the meeting, by appointing someone to attend and vote on your behalf - this person is known as your 'proxy'. Your proxy can be the chairman of the meeting, or any other person you choose. You can appoint a proxy by completing and returning the form sent to you in advance of the meeting, details of which are printed on the form. You can instruct your proxy to cast your vote according to your specific instructions, or at his or her discretion.

Who are Futura Medical's Registrars and how do I contact them?

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The Registry

34 Beckenham Road




For general enquires contact 0871 664 0300 (calls cost 12p a minute plus network extras, lines are open 9.00am-5.30pm Mon-Fri) (or +44 (0) 37 1664 0300 from outside the UK) between 09:00 and 17:30 on each business day.

My personal details have changed. What should I do?

If you have changed your name or home address you should notify the Registrars in writing. Please quote your full name, the old and new addresses, and/or provide documentary evidence (such as a copy of your marriage certificate or change of name by deed poll), as applicable. You should also enclose your share certificate for amendment.

I have lost my share certificate. How do I obtain a replacement?

You should notify the Registrars. Restriction will then be placed on the missing share certificate in case of any attempted fraud. A letter of indemnity will be sent to you to sign. Once completed and returned to the Registrars a replacement certificate can be issued. There is a charge for this service. If the missing share certificate subsequently appears, you should return it to the Registrars to be cancelled.

I am the executor for the estate of a shareholder who has died. What should I do?

Please contact the Registrar, who will be able to assist you.

What is the trading symbol for Futura Medical plc?

Futura Medical plc is quoted on AIM and the ticker symbol is FUM.

Does Futura Medical trade on any other exchange?

No, the shares are currently traded only on AIM.

How can I buy/sell shares in Futura Medical?

Futura Medical shares can be bought and sold through a stockbroker or share dealing service.

How do I transfer shares?

You will need to complete a share transfer form, which can be obtained from the Registrars. The form should be fully completed and returned to them with your share certificate to arrange transfer of ownership.

How can I confirm the number of Futura Medical shares I hold?

You will need to contact the Registrars for this information.


Page last updated: 14 March 2018